TapSpaces empowers mobile marketers through near field communication

How do you get consumers to interact with your brand at a deeper level?

tapspaces logoTapSpaces, a near field communication (NFC) product development company, was founded in March 2013 in Chicago, to address a simple — yet surprisingly complex — question: how do you get consumers to interact with your brand at a deeper level.

In a 2013 MITSloan Management Review released a research article on Competing in the Age of Omnichannel Retailing. They found that recent technology advances in mobile computing and augmented reality are blurring the boundaries between traditional and Internet retailing, enabling retailers to interact with consumers through multiple touch points and expose them to a rich blend of offline sensory information and online content. In the United States today, more than 50% of cell phone owners have smartphones, and more than 70% of these have used their devices for comparison shopping, a habit that is becoming increasingly common worldwide. And just this month, CIOL published an article on the top five revenue opportunities in the mobile economy, citing mobile retailing, advertising, payments, apps and portals, as well as wearables and the Internet of Things.

Ignited by the Samsung release of the Galaxy S3 with NFC enabled to download a song from a display ad by tapping your smartphone, TapSpaces recognized connecting consumers and brands through music was only one avenue to use the power of NFC technology. In looking at what was available in NFC ecosystem, TapSpaces discovered a market opportunity to expand on mobile marketing as a whole in the U.S. So Founder & President Carlo M. Govia and Co-Founder Andy Sparesus VP Mobile and Communications started their journey.

Cut to 2014: TapSpaces joins AccelerateNFC’s inaugural class

TapSpaces was accepted into the AccelerateNFC™ seed accelerator program which began January 21, 2014. The AccelerateNFC program is designed to nurture, mentor, advise and help fund NFC-based start-up companies to fill the void in application development and enable businesses to drive the growth and adoption of NFC.

TapSpaces designs, creates, and produces a multitude of NFC-enabled devices that creates that rich blend of offline sensory information and online content for companies to build brand awareness, including TapSpaces for interactive displays and advertisements, IDs, placards, clothing, and even in-home use. But it is more than just creating the experience. We know mobile marketers need more than just initial customer engagement. The key is to capture customer behavioral and experiential analytics, and to be able to analyze and to improve that customer experience. That’s where TapSpaces’ cloud-based NFC platform comes in, allowing mobile marketing companies building campaigns for brands to know and to understand the depth and breadth of customer engagement.

TapSpaces is passionate about using NFC for consumers to enjoy a better experience interacting with brands in an increasingly mobile world. It’s always a great day to TapSpaces and connect to your favorite brand.


About the TapSpaces Team

Carlo Govia, TapSpacesCarlo M. Govia Founder & President

Carlo has over 20 years consulting experience in strategic planning, supply chain management, and technology development. TapSpaces is his second startup in the past three years and given the lessons learned from his first, he is well positioned to successfully lead TapSpaces. Carlo has held senior management positions with Andersen Consulting, Accenture, Capgemini, and the City of Chicago where he was the CFO and managed a $200 million dollar budget for the Department of Public Health.

Carlo has worked with RFID in supply chain management since the late 90s and has followed the development of NFC since the mid 2000s. Most recently Carlo has been actively engaged with the use of NFC in applications outside the contactless payment system leading to the founding of TapSpaces.


Andy Sparesus, TapSpacesAndy Sparesus Co-Founder & VP Mobile and Communications

Andy has been working in the content creation space for the past 9 years and has produced high quality digital content for such companies as Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Nike, ESPN, MTV, Bosch Tools, Goose Island, Travel Channel, Playboy, Greenpeace, Special Olympics, Montel Williams, Maury Povich, and TapSpaces. In this capacity Andy has learned the value and use of digital content in shaping and communicating a brand’s image and message to engage their customers.

TapSpaces is his first startup and Andy brings his past experience in digital content creation to the growing mobile marketing industry. Andy can lead TapSpaces to become the market leader in the use of it’s NFC products in digital mobile marketing and communications. Andy’s background and desire to learn and apply new technologies to create even more dynamic digital content positions him well to successfully lead TapSpaces’ mobile and communication operations.


AccelerateNFC is a mentor driven, mentor funded idea incubator/success accelerator for high potential companies. Accelerate NFC focuses on near field communication (NFC) companies, matching the highest caliber talent, resources and funding with those companies who are ready to take their ideas and products to the next level.

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  1. The ability to “micro-market” to individuals rather than macro-segments of consumers is becoming increasingly important to organizations, especially in retail. Great to see an executive team passionate about solving this challenge and helping companies launch themselves into the new era.

    Congrats, Carlo and team! Looking forward to seeing a major impact with your technology.

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