Meet the Grads

Here are the four finalist companies participating in this premiere program.

inproximity-logoinProximity, LLC, is the creator of the EatingOut mobile web app  which provides hotel guests and employees of local companies with hyper-localized information on restaurants, grocery stores, caterers, cafes, bars and more via a smartphone enabled with NFC or  a QR scanner … all without installing an app.

NFC Game Studio_1NFC Game Studio, LLC, is a technology company that develops video games, board games and educational products using NFC to bridge the real world and the digital world.  NFC Games Studio is the creator of the NFC Touchstone™, a hardware/software gaming platform that uses NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect physical assets to virtual environments.



tapspaces logoTapSpaces, Inc., is an NFC product design company focusing on marketing activation sites and interaction-based efforts.  TapSpaces provides a seamless way to connect your customers with your brand while also capturing how they interact.


True Mileage, Inc., has developed the most comprehensive, cost effective solution for in-vehicle data capture.  The True Mileage™ vehicle device generates a summary of useful driving information such as mileage and error codes.  The summary is accessible with any NFC enabled smart phone and may be used as a tool to improve safety and lower costs.  True Mileage also offers the only complete usage-based insurance program including privacy sensitive devices, efficient data transfer, and in-depth analytics which can reduce insurance premiums up to 50% or more.


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