AccelerateNFC Program Schedule

Important Dates:

Applications are now open for our next class.  Dates for the next class will be announced once finalists are notified. Click here to register.

Program Curriculum

The AccelerateNFC Program brings together mentors, sponsors and candidates in an intensive 12-week program that covers people, process and technology in building a best-in-class organization, as well as prepares participants for building solid investor relationships.  The program also includes networking programs to pitch to investors as well as showcase opportunities to demonstrate products and services. All AccelerateNFC companies work one-on-one with industry-experienced and successful entrepreneurs, investors and advisors during the 12-week program for the purpose of reaching maximum commercialization and success.

Week 1: Orientation and Introductions.  Get to know your AccelerateNFC staff, mentors and sponsors, as well as prepare for the AccelerateNFC classes.

Week 2: Entrepreneur Goals, Company Vision and Purpose. Refine and enhance your goals, vision, mission and purpose to create your roadmap for your go-to-market strategy.

Week 3: Product Development, Marketing Sizing and Validation. Understand where your product and service fits in the ecosystem and validate your goals and business plans.

Week 4: Near Field Communication R&D and Technology Considerations. Understand the resources available for research and development and the technology considerations, requirements and decisions that need to be made to roll out to the marketplace.

Week 5: Channel Strategy and Sales Forecasts. Plan and refine your channel sales strategy and sales forecasts and planning.

Week 6: Market Positioning and Messaging. Understanding your potential market and message differentiation between B2B and B2C.

Week 7: Sales Presentation and Investor Pitch Preparation.  Creating the right strategy and tactics to appeal to investors.

Week 8: First Look Forum. Networking session with vetted investors to showcase your company, ideas and plan.

Week 9: Business Development, Sales and Marketing. Focus on lead generation and creating demand for your products and services.

Week 10: Operations, Finance and Legal. Create the right operational team and business architecture as well as budget and legal requirements.

Week 11: Funding and Investor Relations. Deep dive into funding requirements.

Week 12: Showcase Day.  Time to put it all together in a public event focused on showcasing participants’ companies and products.

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